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Terms of Use for the website

The following terms and conditions (herein referred to as “Terms of Use”) govern the use or viewing of the website located at This website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") is strictly reserved for the private, non-professional use of natural persons. 

By using or viewing the Site, the User agrees to accept the Terms of Use and agrees to abide by them.

The Terms of Use apply to any dealing between anyone using or viewing the Site and the Editor. The Terms of Use must be read and agreed to prior to any utilization or viewing of the Site.

Any User who cannot agree with these rules or cannot comply with these Terms of Use must refrain from utilizing or viewing the Site.

Intellectual property

The Site located at (hereinafter referred to as the “Site” represents a mental impression protected by intellectual property laws.

All of the elements and/or contents of the Site (including, but not limited to, the “Maison Particulière” registered trademark, the text, images, web pages, audio elements, software, video elements, graphic guidelines, featured on, or included in, the Site (hereinafter referred to as the "Elements") are protected by intellectual property or patent laws, included but not limited to those rights and laws pertaining to brands, patents, copyrights, and database, and can only be utilized within the limitations set forth in the Terms of Use, or in accordance with the specific provisions included in the Site, except as expressly provided in writing and authorized for other uses by the Editor.

Reproduction of all or part of said Elements, as well as the use of a copy of said Elements, is authorized for informational purposes only. It is exclusively intended for the User's personal and private use. Any partial or complete reproduction of said Elements, as well as any use of a copy of said Elements for any other purpose, is expressly prohibited.

The Site prohibits deep linking and framing.

Hypertext links

In the event that hypertext links are made available on the Site (whether manually or automatically set up by either the Editor or the Members), a User may open such a hypertext link and be directed or redirected to any other Site, or any other resource present on the Internet (hereinafter the "Links”). Under no such circumstances shall the Editor be held liable for the contents of a site, or any other resource on the internet, to which the Users are directed or redirected as they open said Links.

The Editor shall not be held responsible for the utilization by Users of any site or any other resource on the internet, to which they are directed or redirected when opening the Links.

Users are urged to read the Terms of Use and Legal Notices of the websites to which they are directed or redirected when opening the Links.

Limitation of liability

The Editor does not guarantee that the information contained in the Site shall be comprehensively accurate, exhaustive or current. The Editor shall not be held liable for imprecision or inaccuracies in the information made available on this Site, even in the case of gross negligence, however not in the case of willful misrepresentation. In addition, the Editor shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, whatever its cause, origin, nature or consequence, resulting from utilization of the Site and its contents. Nor shall the Editor be held liable for the reliability, or lack thereof, of information obtained directly or indirectly from the Site.

Nonetheless, the Editor agrees to correct diligently any error on the Site that a User may notice and indicate via e-mail at the following address:

The Editor does not guarantee the accessibility or availability of the Site, nor does the Editor guarantee the absence of a virus whether on the Site, or on the links, websites and other resources of any nature accessible by the Links, that may be transferred to the Users’ computer equipment.

Under no circumstances shall the Editor be held liable for the content of a website or resource of any nature accessible by the Links, especially in the case of potential unlawful content (justification for crimes against humanity, revisionism, hate crime, child pornography, incitement to violence, affront to human dignity, etc.). The Editor urges the Users to immediately notify the Editor when a site or resource appears to be potentially illicit. The Editor reserves the right to remove or delete any Link to such sites or resources.

Under no circumstances shall the Editor be held responsible for any harm (including but not limited to, damage resulting from loss of profit, loss of data or work interruption) caused to Users and/or their property (such as, but not limited to, computers, hard drive, mouse, keyboard, printer...,) and directly or indirectly attributable to the Site being usable or not; to its Links; to any other site or resource available on the internet through its Links; or to any information contained in the Site or in sites accessible through its Links, whatever the legal grounds may be (such as, without limitation, a guarantee, a contract, a tort), notwithstanding such circumstances when the Editor has been warned that such damages may occur.

Updating the Site

The Editor reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify, edit, and/or delete all or parts of the contents of the Site and proposed services on the Site. This may take place at any time, in the Editor’s sole discretion and without prior notice, without it subjecting the Editor to personal liability in any capacity, whether directly or indirectly.

Any modification, addition or deletion will come into effect as soon as it posted on the Site.

The Users are responsible for consulting the Terms of Use of the Site on a regular basis, in order to be kept informed of potential modifications, additions and/or deletions on the Site.


The Editor is free to assign, convey or transfer to any third party of his choice, all or part of the rights and obligations he holds over the Site.

Rules pertaining to the protection of personal data

Processing and Management of personal data

On occasion, we may collect and process personal data about our Users. Management of said personal data processing is handled by:

Maison Particulière
49, rue du Châtelain
1050 Bruxelles – Belgium

Personal data about our Users is collected in a number of situations:

- at the time of the User’s registration as a Member;
- when Members update their personal data;
- when a User contacts us to request information;
- when a User browses the Site.

In this regard, the following data is collected:

Name/First Name/Address/E-Mail Address/Telephone/Preferred Language

We also make use of «cookies» to help us gather information and save data regarding Users on our Site.  A cookie is a data file that our server sends to your browser when you visit the Site, in order to obtain information about you and your preferences.

In particular, cookies enable us to:
- Monitor traffic on the Site, for instance:
•    the IP address from which you access the Site,
•    the type of browser and operating system used to access the Site,
•    the date and hour at which you access the Site,
•    the pages and websites you may visit,
•    the URL of the website from which you access the Site.
- Identify our regular Users.

Please be informed that you can delete internet cookies at any time. You can also block cookies by configuring your browser settings accordingly. In this case however, please note that for technical reasons, various functions on the Site may or may not work properly or at all.

Collecting, Processing and Using Personal Data of Users

Purpose and Use of collected data

The information we collect allows us to serve you effectively with the various features on the Site.

Unless otherwise directed by you, we may use your personal data for the purpose of our own promotional communication or information.

We may also track these data to carry out studies aimed at improving the services we offer our Users.

Communicating your personal data to third parties

In order to achieve this, the personal data that we collect may be communicated:

- to those service providers and subcontractors to whom we entrust the implementation of certain tasks or performance of certain services, particularly in software development, site hosting and site management. However, these service providers and subcontractors pledge to gather, utilize and communicate said personal data with the sole purpose of performing their specific mission; specific measures (namely contractual) are drawn to ensure your personal data is kept safe and confidential.

Your rights

You may, at any time and at no cost, request access to the personal data we collect and process in your regard. You also have the right to request changes, at no cost to you, if this information is incorrect. You may exercise this right by sending an e-mail to

In addition, you may, at any time and at no cost, oppose or withdraw your consent to process your personal data with the purpose of our own promotional communication or information by sending an e-mail to, or by selecting the “Unsubscribe” feature on every e-mail sent with the purpose of our own promotional communication or information.

Questions, suggestions, complaints

Any question, suggestion or complaint with regards to these rules about collecting, processing and using personal data should be submitted via e-mail to the following address: