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"Icon(s)" april - july 2015

Born in Greece in 1935, he lives and works in Paris.

A multitalented artist, Alekos Fassianos studied the violin at the Athens Conservatory, painting at the Athens School of Fine Art and lithography at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. Fassianos’ art is characterized by the influence of Greek mythology as well as Christian iconography. He creates godlike figures who live in modern decors. Fassianos has also illustrated several poetry books by famous Greek poets like Yannis Ritsos and Vassilis Vassilikos and created several theater designs for both modern and classic plays. About his art, Jacques Lacarrière has written: "As in ancient pottery, Fassianos' modern figures are captured in an eternal contre-jour which renders them both precise and timeless. These figures inhabit a land which might well be Greece, a totally luminous and airy land, an Aeolian land. The wind which tosses the hair of Fassianos' figures is the same wind which pervades Homer's epics and fills Odysseus's sails on his way to meet the Sirens."