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"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1966 in Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm.

Challenging preconceived notions about identity, gender and social hierarchies, the work of Maria Friberg revolves around the themes of power, masculinity and man’s relationship to nature.  Even though the artist focuses mainly on the subject of men in her art, it is also an exploration dealing with her own identity as a woman. In our times of constant change, as well as in contemporary art, questions of identity construction are highly discussed issues. Thus, her most recent pieces look both, outwards, to the challenges in contemporary society, and inwards, to a meditative state of mind. The artist does not moralize or judge social behaviour. Her multi-layered visual allegories offer instead new readings of social stereotypes and codes. Friberg’s photographs and videos are mostly staged and carefully arranged; her protagonists are often placed in environments where they are not in control anymore, as in almost there or in blown out.


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