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"Young Collectors" september - december 2013 
"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1983 in Canada. Lives and works in New York.

A former darkroom technician, Ryan Foerster masters like no other the chemical methods involved in his photographic creations. His process takes place both inside the black room and out in the countryside. He uses nature in his own quirky way: creating images from it, placing photosensitive paper outdoors on the ground and covering it with dirt, leaves or food scraps. Missteps and accidents are valued, and much is left to chance: Foerster lets the elements destroy, alter and/or improve his pictures. In this way, it is neither entirely him nor entirely nature that completes the works, but a balance of the two. His nearly abstract photographs explores ideas such as presence, absence, love, longing and dates of expiry and of birth.