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"Everybody is crazy, but me" april - july 2016

Born in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) in 1953, he lives and works in Le Revest-les-Eaux (France).

Wayne Fischer studied art at the University of Wisconsin at Waukesha and Milwaukee. When he arrived in Paris in 1986, he had no more than a table in a collective workshop in the suburbs. Yet Fischer’s pieces didn’t go unnoticed, his vessels and figurative forms seemingly closer to sculpture than decorative art. Fisher has always been interested in physics and astronomy, collecting stones and fossils, and had a fascination with the signs of the origins and representations of life. “The forms I enjoy most in nature are the beginnings. There is a softness to the colors, subtlety in the form. Beginnings are somehow more essential, so simple and basic.” It comes therefore as no surprise that the female body is a central theme of Fischer’s oeuvre, as it holds the becoming of life. His works are at once reminiscent of ancient idols, as well as clearly inspired by the sexual characteristics of fertile organ forms.


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