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"States of Mind" january - march 2014

Born in 1964 in India. Lives and works in Mumbai.

The bold patterns and vivid colors of Medieval French tapestries, the poetry of Sylvia Plath, Early Renaissance master Giotto, Japanese prints, and Ingmar Bergman’s films; these are only some of the sources from which Anju Dodiya draws inspiration to create her watercolors and canvasses. Layered with images and symbolism, her work is often autobiographical and reveals her search for self-reflection and self-discovery. “The associations that Dodiya brings to her handling of the female body suggest a deep connection with archaic shamanic ritual; but equally, they can project an almost monastic tendency to regard the body as a text through which to meditate on the impermanence of the world,” suggests cultural theorist and art critic Nancy Adajania. The ‘self’ is at the center of her work, but far from being narcissistic, the artist attempts to address universal subjects like womanhood, suffering, and human relationships.