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"Struggle(s)" april - june 2012

Born in 1960 in England. Lives and works in London.

Dexter Dalwood's works depict imagined and constructed interiors or landscapes, usually devoid of figures, that act as memorials or descriptions of various people, places or historic moments. There have been several shifts in his work, most notably towards painting events of a political nature and increasingly explicit references to art history. Almost all of Dalwood's paintings initially start out as small collages - compositions he assembles by literally cutting and pasting from the pages of magazines and art history images. In the subsequent large-scale canvases the abrupt disjunctures and solid edges are faithfully reproduced. The way that Dalwood constructs his pictures, juxtaposing both image and content, is highly sophisticated. He weaves together personal, social and political histories with art history and popular culture, to produce provocative and complex new meanings.