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"Everybody is crazy, but me" april - july 2016

Born in Tachkent (Uzbekistan) in 1959, lives and works in Paris.

After finishing her studies at the school of Fine-Arts in Tachkent and travelling to Moscou, Daïma Rakhmanbekova settles with her husband and fellow artist Maxime Vardanian
in Paris in 1989. Daïma finds her inspiration in the culture of Uzbekistan, especially its suzani, an embroidered and decorative tribal textile. The artist’s birdlike figures have the vivid colors and spirituality of the Orient. Through her art, Daïma portrays a certain art de vivre: a world that is peaceful and friendly, with an atmosphere that is intimate and nonchalant, but fragile. With her husband, photographer Paolo Roversi and painter Jia Juan Li she starts the group l’Ane noir in 1999. Above all, they believe in hard work, modesty and poetry.