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Maison Particulière inhabited eight years of our lives… and six of yours, at least for some among you. We wanted to relate in words and images what Maison Particulière was: a singular adventure, remarkable for being unconstrained and filled with humanity.

Carole Schuermans, Maxim Frank, and Ana Lacerda were by our side and, over time, they were joined by Mégane Ledoux, Margaux van Uytvanck, Arne van Wonterghem, and Margaux De Pauw. All helped us realize our long-standing dream of allowing the general public to see art installed in a home, like the home of a collector.

A simple idea at heart, because loving and collecting art imparts passions.At first, the collectors to whom we introduced our project were perplexed. Never before had they been asked to make their own selection of works they would lend to an exhibition organized around a given theme. Little by little, they grasped the true nature of our plan and came onboard… they came not only from Belgium, but from France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and elsewhere. Threads of friendship were interwoven over months, then years, with the initial bonds allowing us to forge ever greater ties - how compelling were our encounters, our meetings, discussions, and exchanges - and what joy we felt as we shared our passion and discoveries.

Artists were involved, to be sure, because nothing would have been possible without them. Pieter Laurens Mol, our very first artist, barely knew us. Not only had we never organized an art exhibition, but we had no professional experience in the art world. He gave us the extraordinary gift of believing in us, by selecting remarkable works of art, and writing nothing short of a superb text for our Opus No. 1, Origin(s). Of equal importance to us is giving particular credit to our initial guest collectors, Daniel Templon, Alexandre Percy, and Jacques Billen. Thanks to their involvement, others embarked with us on this adventure.

Our literary guests can be described as brilliant, dazzling, intelligent, and entertaining. As the cornerstone of Maison Particulière, they added soul to each of our displays. Most certainly Victor Ginsburgh, our first as well as final guest, but also Marcel Croës, Jean-Claude Rachline, Annie Mollard-Desfour, Alain Mallart, Claire Giraud-Labalte, François de Coninck, François Rachline, Jean-Claude Simoën, and Natalie David-Weill.Spontaneity, literature, curiosity, and conversations among friends guided us through the process of selecting the themes of our installations. At all times, we had to follow the guiding principle of what we were trying to accomplish at Maison Particulière, while keeping ourselves open to opportune chance interactions with collectors, artists, or the general public. Not to mention our magical encounters with contemporary and ancient art.

And many encounters there were…
Like that afternoon we met, in his sanctum, a fabulous collector of primitive art. Not knowing us, he half-heartedly agreed to lend us four objects… but ended up offering us many more. Or the dynamic collectors, all under the age of 40: Ronald, Tanguy and Bieke, Pascaline, Joris, Chiara, and Steve… Or again, that wonderful tour of Italy to meet collectors, from Turin to Reggio Emilia, and as far as Rome. Or our trip to the Netherlands to meet Henk and Victoria de Heus-Zomer, and our lunches and dinners with collectors and artists, and all those fascinating exhibits.

And so many treasured remembrances…
The crazy weeks we spent preparing for our special event, “Mode Particulière,” a fashion show throughout the entire house, in which we introduced the creations of five young designers from the Fine Arts Academy in Antwerp and La Cambre. Or the afternoon we invited the general public to see an artist’s performance during our show, Youth. From the garden, the artist threw a clump of dirt at the bay window, causing it to wobble dangerously. But we were in for even more surprises when she then led the public out to the middle of rue du Châtelain and asked them to throw those same clumps of dirt - like the paving stones in 1968 (fortunately, no harm done this time!) - at somewhat alarmed drivers passing by. The magical performance offered by Kendell Geers during Sex, Money and Power. In the blink of an eye, we were transported to another time and space, altogether spellbound and hypnotized by the gracefulness of the dancers. The unforgettable afternoon, when Yoyo Maeght introduced her book. Since the clouds broke, we set up chairs in the garden at the last minute, where she engaged in a conversation with Brigitte Weberman. Last but certainly not least, the very first floral and greenery arrangement in the library by Thierry Boutemy. He designed plants that invaded the then-empty book shelves, which, over the course of our exhibitions, filled up with works of art.

Concerts, meals, soirées, openings on Wednesdays, and our crazy private preview for the exhibition, Youth… these moments will forever remain etched in our minds. To each his own recollections, and most of all, to each his own moments of pleasure and peace. Nothing brought us greater joy than coming across a couple of visitors engaged in a lengthy exchange or thumbing through books in the salons of Maison Particulière. That, truly, was our reward.

One final word about friendship. Indeed, feelings blossomed over the years with a number of you. Friendship is rare, and it is what we will keep and hold most dear from the past six years, together with your generosity, benevolence, and enthusiasm. New challenges must be embraced, for they are stimulating, fun, and gratifying - and that is what we gladly did over the past six years.

In short, we had a fantastic time!

Myriam and Amaury