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"Everybody is crazy, but me" April - July 2016

Born in Madrid in 1937, he lives and works in Paris.

Eduardo Arroyo was born in midst of Spanish civil war. He went into exile in 1958 to Paris, and intended to find work as a journalist. After a change of heart, he started to paint, placing full emphasis on the power of images and their immediate intelligibility. Two years later, Arroyo participated in the Salon of Young Painters, rejecting artistic dogmas and arbitrary political power, and soon became one of the main actors in the “Narrative Figuration” movement. Arroyo doesn’t shy away from provocation and caustic humor. His deliberate eclecticism led him to experiment with all kinds of materials, such as various printmaking techniques, ceramics, sculpture and collage. His pictorial language is built upon a literary and autobiographical painting style that is often connected in series where self-irony vies with tragicomedy and the art of pastiche. He has illustrated multiple books and texts but hasn’t entirely given up writing, either. Arroyo’s works include the Panama Al Brown biography, Sardines à l’huile, Dans des cimetières sans gloire – Goya, Benjamin, Byron Boxeur and the theatre piece Bantam. ”