Les Artistes

“Sans eux pas de collections d'art.
Avec eux la beauté, la provocation, le plaisir, la réflexion. ”


Sakiyama, Takayuki
"Everybody is crazy, but me" April - July 2016

Born in Japan in 1958, he lives and works in Koganezai (Japan).

Sakiyama’s carved and rippling surface patterns reinforce the spiraling nature of his double-walled vessels. Form and surface work together to yield objects, which are sensuous, bold and seamless. Some vessels appear as if made from sand on the beach, simply created by the current of the receding water; others appear to undulate and twist in space as if in perpetual motion. Intricately carved and finished with his unique sand glaze, his works remain true to their origins as functional vessels while conveying a highly sculptural quality.


Tae Hun Kang
"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1975 in South Korea. Lives and works in Busan.

Tae Hun Kang’s body of work reflects an interest in representing repressive social realities. With his sculptures and installations, he explores relationships and interactions of objects and people within their social, political and cultural contexts. His art practice is focused on the transformation of objects that he empties of their practical dimension and original function to give them a new meaning. In this sense, faucets became important elements in his creations, symbolizing mechanisms through which violence is carried out between the society and the individual.


 "Red" september - december 2012, "Pair(s)" september - december 2015

Born in Greece in 1925, he lives and works in Paris and Athens.

Panayiotis Vassilakis, known simply as Takis, has always been interested in incorporating and exploring natural phenomena is his creations. This self-taught artist creates, in his own words, art that “binds together in space, objects, metals, roaming particles of the cosmos.” In 1958, Takis got interested in magnetic fields. From then on, he created static and kinetic works (sculptures, paintings, and even performances) that are powered by invisible forces, prompting Marcel Duchamp to describe him as a “cheerful ploughman of magnetic fields.”


Tamura, Rieko
"Origin(s)" may - june 2011

Born in 1977 in Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Rieko Tamura studied at the Japanese photography institute. She is mostly inspired by nature’s mystical forms and tries to capture echoes in the life of wind and waves. The energy of time is condensed in Tamura's creation.


Tanabe, Shouchiku
"Obsession" january - march 2015 

Born in Japan in 1973, he lives and works in Japan.

Shouchiku Tanabe practices a traditional style of bamboo art and, while utilizing the skills of the previous generations through his father, he now makes sculptures in his own original style. On the one hand, Tanabe creates traditional baskets, used for the tea ceremony, exploiting techniques that have been in Tanabe’s family for four generations. On the other hand, he creates purely sculptural pieces that break with tradition. He’s most famous for his sculptures of organic forms made with tiger bamboo and black bamboo.

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Templeton, Ed
"States of Mind" january - march 2014

Born in 1972 in the USA. Lives and works in Huntington Beach.

Ed Templeton began photographing in the mid 1990’s: after a few years travelling all around the world as a professional skateboarder, he realized the chance he had and decided to record his day-to-day life. What started as a very personal chronicle ultimately opened out onto grander horizons: a broad meditation on the chaos and the joy of being human. “I think people is what I value in photography. Images without people are not as interesting as the ones with people,” in this simple way he summarizes his artistic approach.


Thiel, Frank
"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1966 in Germany. Lives and works in Berlin.

For over ten years, photographer Frank Thiel has been depicting Berlin. Having witnessed the historical events that changed Germany, he methodically documented the transformations of his city, especially East Berlin. He has also been interested in surveillance devices that have gradually emerged in public areas, reminders of dark Orwellian scenarios. Nevertheless, his true subject matter is, essentially, the incomplete: he prefers the process of construction to the end result, and persistently pursues the aesthetics of temporality and change. His photographs, which focus on details, give his works an abstract painterly quality, thus exploring the relationship between painting and photography.


Thomas, Mickalene
"Everybody is crazy, but me" April - July 2016

Born in Camden (New Jersey) in 1971, she lives and works in New York.

Mickalene Thomas is best known for her elaborate paintings composed of rhinestones, acrylic and enamel. She shares her complex vision of what it means to be a woman and expands common definitions of beauty. Her work stems from her long study of art history and the classical genres of portraiture, landscape, and still life. Thomas takes her inspiration for various sources, ranging from the 19th century Hudson River School, an artistic movement founded by landscape painters influenced by romanticism, to artists such as Édouard Manet, Henri Matisse or Romare Bearden. She continues to explore notions of beauty from a contemporary perspective infused with recent influences of popular culture and pop art.

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Thompson, Cheyney
"States of Mind" january - march 2014

Born in 1975 in the USA. Lives and works in New York.

Cheyney Thompson is mainly a painter, but his body of work also includes photographs and installations. He investigates art as a system of production and reception, addressing its different aspects. “By questioning protocols of exhibition as much as techniques of production and their contingent modes of reception in the space of the gallery, Thompson assumes the history, practice, and circulation of painting as his subject,” says art historian Suzanne Hudson.


Thurman, Kyle
"Red" september - december 2012

Born in 1986 in the USA. Lives and works in New York.

Young artist Kyle Thurman creates paintings that explore materials like enamel paint and techniques such as organic pigment dying. Besides dedicating himself to his creations, Thurman also puts together group shows to promote the work of other young artists.


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Tirafkan, Sadegh
"Struggle(s)" april - june 2012

Born in 1965 in Iraq. Lives and works in Teheran.
Sadegh Tirafkan's work focuses on Iranian traditions and religious rituals, using his understanding of this culture to explore his own identity. Using photographs as a starting point, he then employs different techniques such as video installation and collage. His early pieces reflect the sadness and despair of the conflicts in his homeland: many resembled photographs of funeral processions — commentaries on the Iranian obsession with death and martyrdom as well as tributes to fallen comrades. The significant presence of symbolism throughout Tirafkan’s body of work might come from his Persian root in which direct dialogue is rarely used, but frequently replaced by a symbolic language. In recent years, the artist has been focusing on the effects of an increased presence of Western sensibilities and influences on the youth of present-day Iran.


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Tobias, Gert & Uwe
"Lightness?" january - march 2012

Born in 1973 in Romania. Live and work in Cologne.

The work of twin brothers Gert and Uwe Tobias centers on large-scale woodcuts, but also includes typewriter drawings and watercolors, handmade ceramic sculptures, and wooden constructions. They often combine these varied mediums — all of which display lush, vivid color and strong graphic compositions — in installations. Drawing on such diverse sources as popular culture, traditional Eastern European folk art, and art historical movements like Constructivism, the Tobias brothers create a body of work that is both playful and haunting.


Toguo, Barthélémy
"Red" september - december 2012

Born in 1967 in Cameroon. Lives and works between Paris, Bandjoun and New York.

Barthélémy Toguo use of many artistic expressions - drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, performance, and video - reflect on psychological, familial and political questions such as the absurdity of borders. He is inspired by people and places he encounters through his numerous travels. A versatile artist, Toguo’s command of materials is extensive. His watercolors provide strong visual beats, using a limited repertory of images and colors to depict a dreamy world of metamorphosis - human, animal and vegetal. The artistry of his large-scale installations is generally rough, quick and underlines human’s conflicts, paradoxes and extremism. Deeply proud of his origins, Toguo is also an active promoter of cultural activities and preservation of art in Africa.


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Tompkins, Betty
"Sex, Money and Power" january - march 2013

Born in 1945 in the USA. Lives and works in New York.

Betty Tompkins creates photorealistic paintings and drawings, on a large scale, with detailed images of penetration, masturbation, and the female genitalia. Her first Fuck Paintings were created between 1969 and 1976. Her controversial subject matter generated divergent reactions from both critics and public. As an example, in 1973 two of her paintings were seized by the French customs. It was only in the late 1990’s when she rediscovered the Fuck Paintings that she realized that: “what I had been trying to do had never left me at all. I had never given up on the idea of marrying the abstract with the image itself so that they have to duke it out on the canvas. I go for the stand off.”


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Topic, Linda & Bachet, Antonin
"Youth: portraits of artists, between freedom and fight" september 2014 

Born in 1985 in Switzerland and in 1981 in France. Live and work in Brussels.
Studied at ENSAV.


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Tran Ba Vang, Nicole
"Femininity 0.1" september - december 2011

Born in 1963 in France. Lives and works in Paris.

Tran Ba Vang is a fashion designer by training. To express herself she uses painting, photography, video and installations. Tran Ba Vang is known for her photographs of bodies dressed in ‘skin clothes’. Since 1999, she has been presenting her pictures as fashion collections, alternating Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Because of digital manipulation, the models seem to ‘wear’ a naked skin, which can be stretched or unbuttoned. Body and clothes form one strange silhouette. Tran Ba Vang captures and alters the vocabulary and the structure of fashion images, the same way as Daniele Buetti or Vanessa Beecroft do. Nicole Tran Ba Vang plays with fashion codes she transforms into principles that structure her work, and thus revealing their comic potential as well as making reference  to Andersen’s fairy tale ‘The Emperor’s new clothes’.


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Trevisani, Luca
"La Gioia" october - december 2014 

Born in 1979 in Italy. Lives and works in Berlin and Bologna.

Ideas of fragility, transformation and transience are Luca Trevisani main focus. His works can be described as sequences of visual intensities, structured according to patterns and rhythms rather than linear narratives. Trevisani’s creations are neither referential, nor metaphorical; they allow viewers to perceive the materials and motifs he uses as essential fragments or units.


"Sex, Money and Power" january - march 2013, "Red" september - december 2012

Born in 1952 in Brazil. Lives and works between Rio de Janeiro and Paris.

Tunga, born José de Barros Carvalho e Mello, has been working in performance, installation, sculpture, video, and poetry for over thirty years. His drive to use multimedia is linked to an understanding of art as a multidisciplinary field in which philosophy, natural sciences and literature go hand in hand with the visual arts. It is important for the artist to go beyond the limits between science and fantasy, reality and fiction, leading to the creation of a personal mythology. In several of his works the artist hires performers to carry out something like performance rituals, ‘inaugurating’ the work.


Turrell, James
"From here to eternity" October 2016 - April 2017

Born in Pasadena (Los Angeles) in 1943, he lives and works in Manhattan, Arizona and Maryland.

As a pilot, James Turrell flew to remote mine sites and worked as an aerial cartographer. He then stu- died psychology and mathematics, but afterwards enrolled at Claremont Graduate School, where he made his first light projections. His exhibition at the Pasadena Art Museum in 1967 established him as one of the leading figures of Light and Space, a movement concerned with how geometric shapes and use of light can affect the environment and perception of the viewer.

Turrell is arguably best known for his (unfinished) piece of land art known as Roden Crater in the Painted Desert region of Northern Arizona. In a cinder cone from an extinct volcano, Turrell works to transform the interior into a ‘naked eye observatory’.


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Tuymans, Luc
"Struggle(s)" april - june 2012

Born in 1958 in Belgium. Lives and works in Antwerp.

Luc Tuymans is considered one of the most significant and influential contemporary painters working today. He is a key figure of a new generation of figurative painters who have continued to paint during a time when many believed the medium had lost its relevance. His work is a vast repository of data, drawn from literature, photography, television and film, combining a range of different styles and subject matter. His subjects range from major historical events, such as the Holocaust or the politics of the Belgian Congo, to the inconsequential and banal - wallpaper patterns, Christmas decorations, everyday objects. There are also paintings that express abstract emotional states and that imply existential or philosophical responses to the human condition.


Tyson, Keith
"Pair(s)" september - december 2015,
"Red" september - december 2012

Born in England in 1969, he lives and works in Sussex and London.

Keith Tyson uses art to explore and try out the theoretical and practical knowledge of the world in order to understand the way things happen. He is known for using a disparate array of mediums and methods (drawing, photography, sculpture, installation) to present and explore some of the most challenging questions and paradoxes about the nature of being and man’s place in the world. Tyson was awarded the Turner Prize in 2002.


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