Les Artistes

"Resonance(s)" april - june 2014 

Born in 1961 in England. Lives and works in London.

Conceptual artist Emma Kay examines the subjective nature of knowledge and memory, as well as the systems that we use to perceive them, to store them and have access to them. Writing is inherent to her work; she reconstructed monumental publications from memory – like the bible and all Shakespeare’s plays – or recounted a history of the world, from the big bang until the turn of the millennium in 1999. “Kay’s projects might seem quixotic, but this is only because she actually takes on the impossible task set by our culture: to embody, personalize, and authenticate the operation of memory, and at the same time master the totality of encyclopedic knowledge. By acting out these contradictory ideals, she shows that it is only when we take the normative fictions of our culture for real that their discrepancies become manifest,” explains art critic Jan Verwoert.