The House

“To experience the emotion of art with passion,
sensitivity, and beauty.”

A unique venue for an artistic project on a human scale.

Maison Particulière is a nonprofit organization, set in a private residence which can be visited without appointment. Nothing is for sale, discovery, appreciation and emotion are all free for the asking.


In this house, temporary artexhibits are organized together with artcollectors who choose themselves the artworks they lend us.

Maison Particuliere is set in an elegant Belgian townhouse, rue du Châtelain in Brussels. Eclectic in style, it was built around 1880 by architect Jean Léon Janlet, who subsequently expanded it in 1909.

In 2010, the building was entirely renovated into the current art center. Natural light bathes the interior. Graced with a small, curving garden in layers of green and white designed by Jean Philippe Miest, the house is a gem of a showcase for art collections.

"We wanted the house to be warm and convivial to welcome our guests and members in a calm and serene environment.

Its distinctive floorplan features three stories with a series of interconnected sitting areas on each level, a library and a dining room, which gives us myriad options for displaying works of art that move and inspire us."