The House

"Sharing a couple’s passion for
collecting art."

Amaury de Solages

Myriam de Solages

“Maison Particulière is a dream come true. We have found a place that incarnates our passion for the arts and our desire to share our hopes and vision. It is a place we can call home and where we can welcome our guests, simply.

We are Art Lovers in the true sense of the word. We are "in love" with the creation of art. This guiding vision is fundamental to our Art Center.

I am delighted to open Maison Particulière in Brussels on rue du Châtelain, located beside a charming square
so typical of this beautiful city.”

“Sharing Amaury’s dream and being by his side in this has been a great privilege and joy.

For many years, we have traveled together, hunting through galleries and fairs, visiting artists’ studios, viewing private collections, forever in search of emotions. An ordinary day becomes extraordinary when we discover a new work of art, or a new artist who speaks to us, impresses us, or makes us smile…

Today, it is our pleasure to share our joy of living with art at Maison Particulière.  Here, we will graciously welcome guests and members. Here, we will have enriching and passionate conversations.”