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"Maison Particulière is a nonprofit organization with no commercial activity. The works of art on exhibit come primarily from private collections."


Is to:

Take part in our mutual goal of providing public access to the collectors’ sensibilities, as displayed through the collectors’ works of art.

Enjoy all forms of artistic expression and share in the sense of Openness, Freedom, and Emotions, which define our dream.

Encourage and give us the opportunity to pursue ideas of even greater significance, to push the envelope, and to explore ever more daring collaborations with artists and collectors.

But, most of all:

Allow Maison Particulière to remain viable, as this non-profit art center is a unique and innovative undertaking.

Please be advised that a "Maison Particulière Fund" was recently opened with the King Baudoin Foundation. Any gift donated to the Maison Particulière non-profit association through this Fund will be tax-deductible.

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